Fire Prevention

Fire Dept Collage

Inspections, Investigations, Permits, Plan Reviews and More

Codepal has a standard set of fire prevention inspection checklists, applications, investigation and plan review forms available for installation, and you can adopt your own into the software. Use what you need, where you need it.

Many of our clients adopt a mix of standard NFPA and ICC checklists along with their state required checklists. We provide analysis and build the software setup for your needs. Automatically reference the appropriate code to save time or add codes directly from the codebooks.

Store files and images and link them to your activities. Refer to the image and print on reports. Codepal keeps everything easily accessible.

Occupancy Inspections

Occupancy Inspection Checklists are already built and easy to modify, quick
referencing available for your purchased code books, including state
amended code. Import your state code books to reference. 

Company Inspections

Company inspections are a great asset to helping you complete your long
list of occupancy inspections. Quickly assign inspections to shifts and/or
various fire houses to aid in the workload. Codepal is flexible in how these
inspections are tracked and scheduling is simple.


Fire Pre-planning and Emergency Service Planning is easy to keep up to
date and shared immediately via Codepal or our web pre-plan viewer.
Detailed maps, images and details mapped out based on your needs. Our
pre-packaged pre-planning is based on NFPA standards and

Plan Reviews

Make sure Plan Reviews are thorough and complete. Track and report on
any deficiencies during the review process. Easily associate Plan Reviews
with Building Inspections allowing City Wide Integration.


Permits are easy to track and renew. Codepal comes with a large set of
default reports or we can build to suit your needs. Create summary reports
easily with a quick search report.


Interviews, Case Files, Evidence, Notes and Photos are easily compiled in
our system and reports are pre-built and customizable.

Log evidence by case within the investigation. Keep track of chain of
evidence, locations, dates and testing results.

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