Codepal supports a variety of industries, public and private organizations, in their inspection, investigation, permitting and reporting needs. We are providing software solutions that adapts easily to a variety of industry standards. Our team prides themselves on partnering with our clients, working together as a team to provide software that fits your needs and eases your workload.

Detailed Data Collection

There is no need to handle your data more than once. Save time by recording all data collected on site. By entering the data on site, there is no need to try to remember or jot down notes and return to the office to type up a report. Findings, Notes, Interviews, Investigation Details, Evidence log, Files and Images. Then easily email findings, reports or letters; even search detailed history, and provide case reports.

Work smarter not harder

Within Codepal, you can track inspections, investigations, fire pre-plans and emergency scenario planning, plan reviews, apparatus checklists, training and educational events, drills, evacuations and much more. Combine your efforts into one software and export scheduled activities to your calendar.

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Reports, Invoices, Receipts and Letters

Save time on reporting. Once you collect your data, let Codepal do the work for you and format your report. Codepal comes with a large bank of standard printables that satisfy the needs of most industries. However, if you need a specialized report,  we’d be happy to design it for you.

Custom Fee schedules and calculations are easily added and maintained for quick and accurate billing. Optional fees are easily added by inspectors or billing office personnel.

Email the document immediately or print via mobile printer or set it in your print Que until you return to the office. Reports can also be saved on your device or a network folder.


Never miss another recurrent inspection with our custom alerts. Schedule Fire Inspections and complete tasks quickly through Codepal’s extremely accurate record keeping, a complete and binding chain of inspection evidence is immediately available.

Utilize an automated task list, updated to give you the most current information on your schedule making communication a breeze between staff members. Notifications are received in the field for scheduling changes, additions and cancellations.


Your customers can sign their reports within the software and can be printed on their completed report, saving a digital stamp of agreement.

Store your staff signatures that can be placed on all reports and letters or memorandums for a more professional look. Save yourself the time of signing all documentation and utilized digital signatures.