Why Us?

We know with a lot of software to pick from, you could be asking why you should buy our product. This is … Why us!

There are many reasons we stand out, but let’s focus on what our clients tell us they appreciate.


We develop close and endearing partnership with you so we can understand the way you work. We get involved in your work experience – hands on. This allows us to configure Codepal to meet your exacting needs.


Our customer-centric support model is the best in the industry. We don’t use a calling center, when you need software support, you speak directly with the development or configuration team members immediately when you call.


With 25+ years of service, we’ve just about seen it all. We are ready to make your software work with you, not against you.


Codepal’s flexibility is designed to meet your needs.


Codepal connects you to the latest inspection technologies.  And, connects you to others in inspection fields for a sharing of ideas, methodologies, and services.


With our variety of service options, we can assist you in cloud or local server, data storage and data backup, and data security.

We are known for our ability to connect people and projects, securing the very best information systems talent for each task, and forming a very special relationship between our clients and the people on our teams. Our strength, size, and extensibility allow us to consistently and successfully deliver on enterprise-wide projects. At the same time, we are nimble, flexible, easy to work with, and always available to you.

Contact us for a demo of our software and/or to discuss with a Codepal Representative about how the software can help you work smarter, not harder.

Contact: Robert Lee
[email protected]


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