Training Options

Knowledge is power

Knowledge really is power. Training is one way to gain that power. We see it daily when you learn something new about Codepal, it increases productivity and allows you to work smarter.

We know navigating software can be difficult for some. Allow us to help make this easier for you. We can adjust our training for all learning styles. We offer a variety of training options that vary in costs and styles to adapt to your needs.

Training Options

  • On-Location
  • Webinar
  • Online
  • Printed materials

How to schedule an on-location Training session with Codepal trainers

We require Twenty One (21) Days notice before we are to begin training with you. This gives us time to understand your needs and book our travel plans.

How to request a webinar

To request a webinar, please contact the Codepal team to discuss your needs. 217-787-1133 or [email protected]

How to request personal training

Personalized one on one online meetings can be requested for new or existing staff. It can cover upgrade features, new to you features, or your existing setup.

Request printed training material on a specific subject

This is a special request and is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Request Codepal’s presence at a conference

Please send conference requests to [email protected]

Upcoming on our Calendar

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Watch our Blog posts for other features and tips.

Codepal Best Practices

Synchronizing (Syncing)  

Syncing mobile devices often is critical to keeping Codepal running smoothly for everyone. It also: 

  • Keeps the data on both the mobile device and the server as current as possible with newly scheduled activities and the data from activities that have been performed. 
  • Keeps the data collected in the field safe in the event of mobile device failure or theft. 
  • Codpeal strongly recommends the practice of “Sync and Sync Often” We recommend at least daily. Newer versions have options to auto-sync.  
Search 1st 
  • The “Search 1st” principle simply means that before adding a new Address, Party or even an Activity, you search to see if they are already in Codepal first. This prevents duplicate records and confusion for others using Codepal. Help keep Codepal clean, Search 1st! 
  • A core feature in Codepal is the preservation of data. This allows those doing inspections to know what businesses and people were at an address over the years. By doing this, Codepal is able to provide an accurate historical record for an address. 
  • In order to provide the most accurate record possible, Codepal Best Practices dictate an “Inactivate, Don’t Delete” philosophy. Throughout the Codepal application, there is the ability to “Inactivate” records. This is a means of keeping a record in Codepal but indicating that it is no longer in use.