New Mexico State Fire Marshal Success Story

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New Mexico State Fire Marshal Success Story

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The New Mexico State Fire Marshal’s office is building an accurate data record tracking database with historical value.

The New Mexico State Fire Marshal’s office knew their antiquated system for tracking and reporting on inspections needed an overhaul. There was no consistency in their reporting and it offered too much free reign to be adequate for the court cases.

They began their search for a software that would fit their needs and like many organizations, needed three competing bids. “Codepal came in to round out the three as a suggestion to fill the required number. We had another software in mind. However, once we saw Codepal’s abilities, we were sold. It is the software for us. It was important that whatever software company we went with, our data would not be held hostage.

quote from the State Fire Marshal

Codepal president, Bob Lee explained that our data is ours and is always available to us, regardless of the situation. It was that assurance that sold us on the product. We worked with the staff to design a setup that fit our needs. They gave recommendations for hardware and worked with us to assure we had everything we needed.

Confidence in ability to document for court proceedings

We now feel confident in our ability to hold up in a court
of law with a seamless system that offers consistency and accurate data reporting. It has taken some time, about 3 months to get adapted and build out all of our special requests. We have many older code books we reference and have access to the years we needed within the software as well as the newest editions that we are working on adopting.’

Their main goal was to get all staff on the same page and in the right format, obtaining a solid structure that’s secure. Codepal is flexible and adaptable to their needs, keeping the form consistent and uniform for all users. ‘Tracking is so much easier and provides a history that we can reflect back to for years to come. Record tracking is complete with pictures and gives a real view of property at the time. We’ve never had this ability.
We have the access on tablets in the field to build our reports while on site or we can still use paper and return to the office to complete the reports. We’re not forced into one format or the other.’

Codepal isn’t just a software company, we work side by side with our clients to assure they have a positive customer experience.
‘The ongoing support has exceeded our expectations, the staff is available and responsive. We didn’t just purchase a packaged software, we feel like we’ve partnered with a company that is helpful and has our best interests in mind.’

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