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Old Binder with printed preplans

Delivering Preplans Quickly and Efficiently

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How are you delivering your preplans? Many fire departments are moving from those cumbersome binders to digital preplans and the advantages are huge.

Access: Time is crucial in an emergency and every second matters.

Binder preplans can leave responders a step behind in emergency situations and many times there’s only one set of plans. In a live emergency, MULTIPLE responders dispatch from MULTIPLE locations and even from MULTIPLE departments and/or jurisdictions. EVERY responder needs to access the preplan. However, this is difficult with an outdated paper binder.

In contrast, prevention software that incorporates preplans solves this problem. Responders can easily search an address or link directly from their CAD systems. Easily pull up emergency contacts, hydrant information, shutoffs, building photos, roof structure, exits, and hazardous materials that may be inside the building. With this in mind, leaders can confidently plan the right strategy with all the information they need to save lives and keep the responders safe. 

Preplan Viewer on a tablet

Updates: Is your information up to date? Good question.

Occupancy data is always in flux and bad information puts responders in a dangerous situation. Is the hazmat accurate? What about the occupant? Emergency contacts, changes in occupancy, and renovations? With electronically stored preplans updates are simple and fast. For instance, property details can be updated while any user is on site for any variety of reason. Data is dynamic and available to everyone. No need to print and store in the binders.

Keeping preplans up to date is a daunting task. Who’s responsible? The companies, the prevention department, both? However, giving access to more staff in a web environment makes this task becomes much less daunting by allowing companies and prevention to work together easily. 

ISO: Storing and delivering preplans electronically may increase your ISO rating! 

With our new preplan viewer and updater our customers are able to access preplan data in seconds.

  • Sync to CAD– Encrypted auto login directly from most CAD software
  • Device independence (phone, tablet, pc)
  • Secure login to edit occupancy data easily
  • Unlimited Users

Let us help you get your preplans into the hands of your responders.

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