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Pete Terenzi

Big tasks take bold leaders.

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When Pete was appointed as the Fire Marshal in the Town of Old Saybrook, he was tasked with trying to ascertain how many buildings required inspections and setting up schedules to maintain current compliance with State Statutes and National codes. He was facing huge challenges, with nothing truly computerized, tracking and security were difficult. Being involved in several public integrity cases, it was critical for him to have a software package with accountability and tracking that could keep compliance tracking easy.

Quote from Pete

Codepal was referred to Pete by another Connecticut Fire Marshal, Vernon Skau, from New London. ‘After a little time with a portable tablet, it was obvious this was the expeditious way of completing transactions. However, the number one valued asset we were looking for was support for the product once in place and that turned out well above our expectations. The owner of Codepal came to my office to meet with me face to face to assure my needs were met, I was sold. Not every software company owner will come to a small town to meet with a potential client, regardless that I was one man, not a huge organization. I was treated equally as important as a large client. They provided people on site that took me through the setup, how to use the program and went into the field to assess and adjust the program as I needed. Between value, cost, and service, the end cost of the product is by far the most economical for any Fire Marshal office trying to get themselves into the 21st century.’

Flexibility in the software gives Pete the forms and reports he needs in one place.

‘Having the ability to design my own forms or input state forms such as administrative cause and origin warrants, all permitting and search and seizure to name a few, is an outstanding feature of Codepal. Data simply moves into Codepal with minimal time to import. I’m now able to break out, organize, prioritize and manage our inspectable properties. I now can design, plan and implement on my own without having to go to Codepal to design every piece of the system. However, when I have a question or issue, each and every call has been answered by people that individually know, recognize and are able to deal with the issue via the web in literally seconds. My data and checklists are never lost, this system offers unbeatable record management services.’

Saving time and money, while reaching your goals is priceless.

‘Cost savings in the field, in terms of time management, cut the job down to a quarter of the time that used to be necessary to inspect, document and issue a report. The reports look professional and are easily emailed, printed in the car or can be mailed which gives Fire Marshals’ the flexibility needed based on assets available to do the job. I’m able to reference NFPA Codes, Connecticut Fire Safety Codes, and general Connecticut Statutes quickly with a click of the mouse, easily pulling them into my report. I can add photos and use speech to text to complete something as detailed as a major arson investigation or as simple as a permit.’

Legal issues and inspection liability is an unfortunate topic of the times. The issue is prevalent in Connecticut as well.

‘Considering recent court decisions that have been handed down regarding Fire Marshal responsibilities, duties, statutory mandates and obligations, in the state of Connecticut; Codepal affords me the comfort in knowing I’m able to track, maintain and report data to anyone at any time. This protects my office and my integrity allowing me to focus on the community I serve.’ Pete was tasked with developing a plan; he accepted the challenge and turned it around. ‘With Codepal, I was able to set up my 1, 2, 3 and 4-year inspections, state permits, tank pulls and more. I can easily handle issuing everything in a smooth transition from issue to delivery. The ease of using the program for someone who may not be computer literate is truly an asset. We met all our intended goals; keeping the board of selectmen informed of ongoing inspections through daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. And communications with our citizens and businesses are sent in a timely manner.‘

Pete Terenzi - Town of Old Saybrook Fire Marshal
Pete has been the Town of Old Saybrook Fire Marshal since June of 2017. Previously, he was a Lieutenant Colonel and commanding officer of Field Operations for the Connecticut State Police, he retired with 30 years on the job.

Town of Old Saybrook, CT Fire Marshal Facebook Page

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Burke County Staff

Making the right decisions for your organization

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When Mike started with the team, he was looking for a way to streamline their processes, take the guess work out of where to find reports, and use a program that wasn’t frustrating and unreliable. “The office was still operating on paper, some of the forms still using carbon paper. Inspection billing was being done on a DOS-based system that was created in 1995, it was unreliable, difficult to manipulate and lacking reporting detail capabilities. Inspection records were in various locations depending on which inspector completed them. Inspection schedules were difficult to maintain. Fire Investigation records were equally antiquated.” He feared that the DOS program would crash, and they’d lose years of records. He needed a better solution than rows of filing cabinets and reams of paper.

Quote from article

Mike found himself searching for an inspection/billing software to assist his office in streamlining their work, making them more efficient. “Several months of evaluation and demonstrations of various software packages led us to decide on Codepal. The Codepal Team was willing to listen to our needs/wants and committed to doing everything possible to adapt the software to our operation. “

Codepal’s Customer Experience Model is a welcome change from software purchases in the past.

“The customer service is outstanding; the whole team is willing to help. Not once do I recall anyone from Codepal saying ‘we can’t do that’. No matter how off the wall our requests were, everyone was receptive to helping us.” Codepal met with his team face to face to analyze their processes and then came back to spend three days with the staff, training them. “The training was geared to our level. I have experienced software training that would be very difficult for those who may be unfamiliar with computer/database operations. Codepal’s training was spot on, from how to turn it on to the depths of the system capabilities. They were very patient and understanding of where our staff was with the old process and where we needed to go with Codepal.”

“We now have a system that allows us to build electronic data that can be viewed quickly. We analyze data in countless ways and improve inspection scheduling. We maintain accurate/timely business names and locations. We’ve increased customer satisfaction by being able to email inspection reports and invoices immediately after the inspection. We added a means to incorporate Emergency Management calls for service into the package so that good data can be tracked. And we provide an effective Fire investigation database, just to name a few goals we’ve achieved.”

BCEM customers have noticed the changes too. “The biggest compliment we’ve received so far would be from the school system. They were very pleased after inspector Chad Houston went through all the county schools and provided a finished report at the end of the inspection. He emailed it immediately to all the parties within the school system at one time. They were impressed.”

With Codepal reports, Mike was able to decide how to handle invoicing.

While each Codepal customer chooses how they will invoice their customers, BCEM chose to include fee listings in their initial inspection report. “We seem to have an increase in payments, but it’s still too early to have a solid number of how much of an increase. So far, the customers seem to be more receptive to paying.” This could be from an increase in communication through reporting or it could be the way the process has changed. Regardless, increased revenue will aid any office.

“I’m sure there will be more as we work through the acclimation process. We’re still in the learning curve. Since we are a small county, our inspection volume is not overwhelming. Our staff continues to learn the capabilities of the software and discover its potential. Since we are somewhat old school, the whole electronic process is still challenging for the staff, each day gets a little easier for them.”

Communication is key in any industry, having software that helps prevent a breakdown of communication can be key to a successful office. With the right tools, you can gain knowledge of any situation. “For me as the Director, it is very helpful to have access to what’s going on in any given time frame. At a simple click, I can see about anything I need to, concerning our operations. I look forward to learning more about the Codepal experience!”

While finding the right software is crucial, the bonus is partnering with a friendly, knowledgeable software company, having them on your side assisting you along the way. “Everyone we have dealt with at Codepal has ALWAYS greeted our staff with a friendly, helpful and positive attitude, even when it’s the 3rd or 4th call of the day for the simple things we just didn’t remember from training.”

“These are some of the best folks I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.”

Michael Willis - Burke County Fire Marshal
Michael Willis Burke County Fire Marshal / Emergency Management Director

Mike has been working in the
Emergency Service field for 36
years. Beginning as a volunteer
firefighter and eventually moving
into a career position. State
certified in several areas including
Firefighter, Emergency Vehicle
Driver/Operator, Fire Prevention,
Investigation, Hazardous Materials,
Emergency Medical Technician
and Instructor qualifications.
Became interested in the
Emergency Management side of
the service deciding to pursue
formal education and further
training in Emergency
Management. Currently serving as
Burke County Fire
Marshal/Emergency Management
Director. Credentialed as an
Operation Section Chief with the
NC AHIMT. (All Hazards Incident
Management Team)