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Free Tool to Assist with Building Plans and Approvals

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Over the past several years more and more Jurisdictions accept building plans electronically. Makes perfect sense in the digital age, but not without challenges. This comes as good news for staff with access to and fluency in CAD software. But, not everyone that reviews plans is an engineer.

We spoke to several of our customers recently and were surprised to hear that they preferred hard copies to review. Why? “How can I verify measurements, mark up the drawings or stamp received/approved/etc. I’m not an engineer and don’t have a license for their software.” One customer said. 

Did you know that the free version of Adobe reader provides a user-friendly way to accomplish all of this?

  • Verify Measurements
  • Comment
  • Mark up
  • Callout
  • Stamp

Many of our customers use adobe reader in conjunction with Codepal. It’s free and easy to learn!


Here are a few tutorials on how to use Adobe Reader for this purpose:

Open Codepal on half of the screen and Adobe Reader on the other half. Review your checklist and the reviews at the same time, side by side.

Measure Electronic Drawings

Adobe – Share, comment and review

Stamp drawing with Adobe

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