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Can I track inspections with open violations?

Yes. Codepal has multiple ways to track these open violations.

  • Auto re-inspections can be configured to assure you do not miss follow-ups.
  • Violation search grids give you unlimited access to every violation or referenced violation you track in Codepal. Our intuitive grids allow you to sort, filter and group. This makes finding any data on your issued violations easily obtained.
  • On the address search grid we offer a quick glance at a number of open violations at each address.

Schedule a demo today to see these features!!

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How to schedule a demo.

A demo can be requested via phone or email.

In order to get to know your needs, these are some questions we may ask:

  • What type of organization do you represent?
  • Give examples of the type of work you do.
  • Do you have a goal in mind?

Because we serve several industries, our software is flexible. We ask these types of questions to be able to showcase how our software works for you. It’s important to us, not to waste your time showing you features that are of no interest.

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Where can my data be stored?

Your data is stored in a SQL Server either locally, on the Azure Cloud, or the Azure Government Cloud.

We offer options to make your data storage work for you.